Crowders Camps is a non-profit, non-denominational Christian camp ministry focused on reaching as many campers with the Gospel as possible. We know and have seen how camp changes lives, and we want to make that experience possible for more kids in Gaston County. Not only does camp provide us with the opportunity to share about Jesus, but it also gives our campers opportunities to build confidence, develop relationships, and conquer challenges in a supportive environment. 

We were blessed to acquire our first camp property in 2014. God did amazing things over the next few months to turn a broken down, unused camp facility into our beautiful Crowders Ridge camp in time for summer 2015. We have only grown and expanded from there, building a new meeting building, remodeling old buildings into stylish new apartments, building high ropes adventures, and so much more. Thousands of campers have enjoyed the property over the years, and we are now at capacity every summer.

Then came Crowders Spring.

In 2019, Crowders Camps purchased a second property for the building of Crowders Spring camp. Less than 2 miles away from Crowders Ridge, we are currently using the property for off-site camp activities like our new Aerial Park. Looking into the future, we have plans to develop the property as a second summer camp focused on younger campers. COVID-19 has delayed these plans, but we hope to have an update soon on our new timeline for construction.

Over the years and through all the changes here at camp, the vision of our staff is the same. We want to faithfully use our time, resources, and abilities to serve churches, families, organizations, and schools, and give them a life-changing camp experience.